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The theater is built on a natural slope of the Kadikule Hill in the southern part of the city.  A Greco-Roman type theater, it faces north-south.  It is one of the structures known to date from the Hellenistic period.  Built on a natural slope, it is of Greek type with two diazomas and its cavea faces north.  Excavations have been carried out in the orchestra and the middle section of the stage building as well as the lower cavea of the theatron.

In the Roman imperial period the Hellenistic theater was modified with additions and changes.  In particular during the reign of Augustus and the following period the building experienced great changes.  In this period the Hellenistic stage building was demolished and in its place a three-tiered scaenea frons was built.  Based on its present day remains, it must have seated approximately 15.000 people.

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