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Bouleuterion, located at the center of the city, faces east-west and has a rectangular plan.  The excavation of the courtyard has not been completed yet. On its western side, measuring 24,95x29,80 m, are semicircular seating steps and on the area to its east is the courtyard.  On the interior façade of the north anta wall are Greek inscriptions, and on the exterior are Latin.

One of Inscription in Greek is about the calendar which is made by Menippos, dates from the beginning of the first century B.C. The calendar carries name and day numbers of 12 mounts with the date of the year, 1505, which demonstrates the foundation of the city itself.


The Latin inscriptions show that in the Roman period goods sold in Stratonikeia and their prices in 301 A.D. were regulated.  Hence, the sales in the city remained under control and inflation was prevented. Based on the architectural elements and decoration, the building must date from second half of the 1st century B.C.
The floral ornamentation and inscriptions on the southern wall of the bouleuterion date from the last period.  The oldest of these inscriptions is dated to October-November 1608.

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