Northern City Gate and Fountain

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The northern city gate located on the northern fortification wall is where the sacred road coming from the Lagina Hekate sacred precinct after passing the necropolis, meets the city.  Therefore, the Northern City Gate is of great importance both as an entrance and as a ritualistic place.

The northern city gate is quite large and has a monumental arched entrance on either side. The exterior façade of the gate is in Doric order.  The façade facing the city with its monumental fountain of semi-circular pools between the two entrances is decorated with two-tiered columns and statues and is in Corinthian order. Based on the remains and the architectural features, the gate must have measured 42,50 m wide and 14,20 m high.

Based on the architectural and sculptural works, the gate must have been built the Late Antonine-Early Severan period after the earthquake of 140 A.D.

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