Colonnaded Street and Monument

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The Colonnaded Street, 8,70 m wide, begins from the south mid section of the open area in front of the northern city gate and continues towards the city center. In front of the gate is a 42 m wide open space surrounded by 8 monumental Corinthian columns and shops on the west. This is where people who entered the city and those who came from the city to use the fountain gathered.

A monument of an unidentified important figure of the city was found at the beginning of the colonnaded street. In the arrangements of the city gate and the street that were completed in the mid-2nd century A.D. and later, care has been taken to preserve the monument as it is.

The area around the gate and the street collapsed during an earthquake and in the Byzantine period using architectural elements from the city, new buildings and the colonnaded street were built in 4-5th centuries A.D.

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