Village Square Complex

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To the west of the ancient city, approximately 50 m east of the western fortification wall is the square of the old Eskihisar village.  Here the Turkish bath, Şaban Ağa mosque, coffeehouse, bakery and shops for various occupations can be seen from the Beylics (Principalities), Ottoman and Republican periods. Although some of the buildings have been destroyed, the city with its streets can be easily seen. The coffeehouses face each other and the square and the various shops arranged side by side.  The monumental plane trees enhance the beauty of the square.  The stone paved roads and the sidewalks of the Ottoman period seen in the village square and in front of the shops are well preserved.

The mosque and the nearby coffeehouse have been restored by the Muğla Young Businessmen Association thanks to the financial support of the Governorship of Muğla and the additional support of GELİ (South Aegean Lignite Management) Directorate. The village chamber, located immediately to the east of the village coffeehouse has been restored by the Yatağan Municipality under the control of the district governorship.

No other ancient city like Stratonikeia exists, where one can see the ancient ruins by walking on stone paved Ottoman streets and sidewalks.

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